When the Virtue Audio amps are used with “high current” power supplies, a delay is needed before allowing full current from the power supply to flow. The first batch did not aw sufficient delay, so Seth Krinsky sent out update kits to those able to install them themselves. Here are a few pics of the process. Removing the cover requires that the volume knob be pulled off, and then a 2mm hex key to remove four screws: You need to pry apart the two sides of the cover and then slide it off the amp: Before you wrench the cover off though, make sure thatRead More →

Here’s a little thing you may need to do sometimes. It’s actually simple to do, but all the instructions I found online when looking for info on how to do it are confusing. All I wanted to do was copy my entire library from my home directory on my iMac to an external drive on a headless Mac Mini, which is being used as the music server. Let’s assume that file sharing is enabled. Here it is, easy as pie (make sure that you quit iTunes first): Copy the whole library into the new location. Typically, that will mean dragging the file Music/iTunes in yourRead More →